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| [[CDT/summits | CDT Developer Summits]]
| [[CDT/summits | CDT Developer Summits]]
| Info from our face to face meetings
| Info from our face to face meetings
| []
| Migrate Visual Studio C and C++ projects to Eclipse CDT
| [[CDT/devArticles | Articles]]
| [[CDT/devArticles | Articles]]

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Welcome to the CDT Wiki page. Come back often for the latest and greatest about the CDT.

The CDT is Eclipse's C/C++ Development Tooling project. It is an industrial strength C/C++ IDE that also serves as a platform for others to provide value added tooling for C/C++ developers.


Movies Screencasts that show different aspects of the CDT.
Presentations CDT presentations given at various conferences.
Addons Addons that enhance or use CDT.

User Resources

CDT Home Page The main CDT web site
New in CDT 4.0 What's new and noteworthy in CDT 4.0.
Wiki-based FAQ The Wiki-based How to Use CDT FAQ for all to edit.
Older FAQ Answers to the most common questions about the CDT. We should migrate this content to the new one.
Older Downloads Get some older CDT release builds (3.0 and prior)
Tutorials Tutorials that take you through the various features of the CDT..
CDT newsgroup Ask questions, find answers about CDT usage.

Developer Resources

Eclipse Bugzilla Enter and check on CDT bugs here.
CDT Build Machine CVS logs are stored here.
Nightly Builds Nightly builds are here.
Planning Planning information for upcoming CDT releases.
Developer FAQ FAQ for people who want to contribute code to the CDT.
Contributing How to contribute to the CDT CDT 4.0's Javadoc-"API". Sources were downloaded from the eclipse cvs (org.eclipse.cdt-releng/all) on 28/06/07.
Design Docs Design descriptions for various CDT components.
Who's Who Who's who in the CDT development community
Conference Calls Numbers and Minutes from our monthly conference calls and other miscellaneous conference calls.
CDT Developer Summits Info from our face to face meetings
[1] Migrate Visual Studio C and C++ projects to Eclipse CDT
Articles Articles and other Developer info about CDT

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