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==Related Topics and Links==
==Related Topics and Links==
* [ Long Term Support]
* [ Long Term Support]
* [ List of Build Technologies]

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The Eclipse Common Build Infrastructure (CBI) is an initiative combining technologies and practices for building Eclipse Software.

Initiative Goals

  1. Get all Eclipse projects building their software on Eclipse Foundation hardware.
  2. Use and provide reference examples of best of breed build technologies and processes.
  3. Enable the Long Term Support Program.

There is a strong link between CBI and the Long Term Support Program which enables a marketplace of companies providing maintenance and support for Eclipse technologies for durations far beyond typical community support.

It is our hope that this project develops an offering that is compelling so that many projects will move to use it.


Notable Implementations

Preferred Build Technologies



Maven 3.0 drives the builds. Projects are expected to provide standard Maven 3.0 POM files for their builds. The builds should be built in such a way that they can be run on the local workstation, or on the Eclipse build server. Note that builds can only be signed on the Eclipse build server.


Tycho is focused on a Maven-centric, manifest-first approach to building Eclipse plug-ins, features, update sites, RCP applications and OSGi bundles.

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Related Topics and Links

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