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Build to Manage

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Here is an overview of the

Design documents for BtM WSDM tooling in TPTP 4.4 are here: Design Documents BtM TPTP 4.4

Use cases for BtM WSDM tooling in TPTP 4.4. are here: BtM WSDM TPTP 4.4 Use Cases

Code level dependencies in BtM WSDM Tooling TPTP 4.4: BtM WSDM TPTP 4.4 Depedencies

BtM Demo at Eclipse Con 2007

Instrumentation Technologies

  • Overview of each
    • CBEs
    • ARM
    • JMX
    • WSDM
    • Managed Agent Explorer
      • What's important is the commonality between JMX & WSDM
  • What are we working on for 4.4
  • Questions to be able to answer
    • Relationship of WEF to CBE

Demo Scenario

Show the monitoring and how it works. Then bring in the management to complete the picture.

We will have a simple JSP that returns a message to the user. It will use a thread pool to do the work. The transaction will fail when the thread pool is empty. We will add the control layer (WSDM) to the thread pool. Use a service group and MAX to find it. Use both the set properties and an operation to control the pool. Create a "RequestHandler" bean that all the reuests run through. There will be a sleep statement in there that causes the transaction to exceed the threshold. Use the JMX tooling to create an mBean for the "Request Handler" that manipulates it in such a way that the requests don't exceed the threshold. Use MAX to affect the sleep value.

  • Start w/ARM to trace a transaction. Show the ARM tooling, the instrumentation, and how you can view the ARM information.
    • When testing, the transaction initially takes too long.
  • Now we want an event (CBE or WEF) to be signaled when the transaction fails.
    • Other possibilities would be if a transaction takes too long, or if it gets lost, fire the event.
  • Show the CBE log viewer with the ARM in the extension element.
    • (can we link the views???)


  1. Check in cleaned up presentation (MM)

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