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Build Workshop 3: Build Hard With A Purpose/Requirements


  • [x] - available in Dash or Modeling build already in some form
  • [M?] - tentatively slated for a given milestone
  • [] - not schedule / TBD


  • To be added to Bugzilla (cc:
  • [x] support CVS
  • [x] web UI
  • [x] crontab scheduling: N schedule, I schedule
  • [x] cvs listening: tag sources & update map(s) then release changes then build automatically
  • [x] build from tag
  • [x] build from map
  • [x] running JUnits: one machine only, with UI testing
  • [x] signing, packing, p2 metadata
  • [x] build from pre-checked-out sources on disk
     baselocation - dropins, binaries
     builddirectory - sources
     pluginPath - more sources
  • [M1] set policy for use of SDK when building; default to milestones; optionally build from I

bug 251917

  • [M1] put class libraries from Java 1.0 - 7.0, CDC, Foundation, ... on

bug 251918

  • [M1] minimal duplication of build metadata: collapse .releng into 1 file w/ generic buildAll.xml & preset defaults properties file (overridden by user via web UI or

bug 251919

 featureID to build --
 dependencies - add to packager map file (  see: pde_packager.htm)
 map(s) [with cvs location & branch] or prechecked sources
 rewrite buildAll.xml & customTargets.xml to use 3.4 standards (less code)
 portal would include a field to point to /path/in/cvs/ for .releng project (includes .properties, buildExtra.xml, .product, ...)
 packing excludes
  • [] use SDK 3.5M3 instead of basebuilder RC2_34 bug 251924
  • [] better crontab UI: cruise control? 251923
  • [] build from HEAD -- use fetchTag=HEAD, forceContextQualifier=${buildID} bug 251926
  • [] zips of sources + .releng project used for building: for Linux distros and Legal codescan purposes bug 251928
  • [Enh] running JUnits on a remote machine / alternative platforms bug 251933
  • [] Provide a p2 repo after the master feature is built so we can use the p2 director immediately after to provision installs (build zips). This is dependent on changes to pde build in 3.5 as described in bug 249406
  • [M8] run w/ head in workspace (build locally) bug 252028
  • [M8] standalone buildserver-in-a-box (vmware/vbox/qemu/kvm) bug 252030
  • [M9] produce for each build, then centralize those for reuse by other projects? bug 252031

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