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Build Workshop 3: Build Hard With A Purpose

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Having a common build infrastructure at is important and we're taking steps to get there.

The Europa Build Workshop in Portland in September 2006 was our first step; the post-Ganymede Build Workshop in Ottawa in June 2008 was the next step. This time, it's personal [1].

As experienced software developers, we all know that release engineering is an essential part of building high-quality frameworks and tools. Motivated by our desire to reduce the manual overhead of cross-project release engineering for the upcoming coordinated releases of Eclipse 3.5 and 4.0, it's time for another meeting of the minds.

We really appreciate all the ideas, but please come prepared to show them in action, and be prepared to delegate tasks to implement the solution on Eclipse servers.


Nick suggested Wed, Thu, Fri Oct 22, 23, 24. Bjorn likes that and has already purchased airplane tickets to Ottawa for those dates, though has since had to cancel. Perhaps we'll be able to network remotely?

It has also been suggested that Oct 22 will be "Provision Hard With A Purpose" day (a p2 Dev Workshop, in the same style as the Build Workshop to follow -- minimal talk, maximum coding), followed by two days of Build(ing) Hard. Attendees are welcome to attend the p2 event, the build event, or both. Pascal has cancelled the p2 event due to a lack of developer interest.

Proposed Schedule

  • Oct 22 12pm BW3 begins. Discuss requirements, ideas, plans, limitations, etc. over lunch.
  • Oct 22 1 or 1:30pm. Coding begins in earnest.
  • Oct 22 6 or 7pm. Break for food; perhaps escape to a pub for some lively build, provisioning, PDE, Eclipse, ... discussion & drinks?
  • Oct 23 9am. Coding resumes. Evening to be similar to previous, unless a better idea is suggested. Perhaps the locals know of something entertaining we can do?
  • Oct 24 9am. Coding resumes, final day. Day ends around 5 or 6pm.


The event will most likely be held at the Eclipse Foundation offices in Ottawa [2].

If you're coming into Ottawa by VIA train, the nearest station is Fallowfield.


  1. To agree on the shape and scope of the working system: what we want it to look like in all its glory, how projects will use it, how they'll interact with it, what the results will be, where they will be, what the inputs will be, how people will specify the inputs, etc.
  2. To agree on architecture: what we want the various pieces to do in the system.
  3. To assess where all the pieces of contributed code are today.
  4. To create a plan for moving from assessment (3) to architecture (2) in support of a working system (1).
  5. To spend the rest of the available time building the system (1).

Some discussion points may be:

  • do we move forward with "un-Modeling-ifying" and "un-vserver-ifying" the current Common Modeling Build to make it more Tools/Tech friendly?
  • do we replace web UI with Eclipse UI, eg., with Buckminster?
  • do we replace shell scripts w/ java & xml, again, eg., Buckminster?
  • do we try something completely different?

As with the previous Build Workshop, the real goal (5) is to get some concrete work done. That may include completing the GEF build system or creating a new variant for building another Tools project, such as VE (which hasn't had formal releases in years due to a shortage of devs (but no shortage of community interest)).


If you have had, or will have, build and/or release engineering responsibilities for an Eclipse project, please consider attending.

It is important for attendees to have real-world knowledge of their build system - this is not a meeting for managers, it's a workshop for do-ers. You are also welcome to attend if you have substantial related experience and a willingness to contribute to the workshop's goals.

How to register

Like the last one, this will be an informal event, but we'd like to know who's interested in attending. Please sign here with Name & Role and/or Responsibility:

  • Bjorn Freeman-Benson, Eclipse Foundation, organizer I can no longer attend on these dates
  • Denis Roy, Eclipse Foundation, innocent bystander
  • Nick Boldt, Modeling Project Release Engineer, organizer (in Ottawa from Wed noon to Fri evening; VIA Rail)
  • Andrew Overholt, Red Hat, Linux Distros, p2
  • Pascal Rapicault, IBM, PDE Build, p2
  • Andrew Niefer, IBM, PDE Build, p2


Like any good EclipseCON tutorial, the workshop will start with talk, then move into actual hands-on coding. No more than half a day should be spent on discussion!


We intend come away with a working system that can be community tested and blogger approved [3]. A longer report will be linked here: Build Workshop 3: Build Harder With A Purpose/Report.

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