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Build Workshop 2: Build Harder

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Release engineering is important and we're going to pay more attention to it. The Europa Build Workshop in Portland in September 2006 was our first step.

As experienced software developers, we all know that release engineering is an essential part of building high-quality frameworks and tools. Motivated by our desire to reduce the manual overhead of cross-project release engineering for the upcoming coordinated releases of Eclipse 3.5 and 4.0, it's time for another meeting of the minds.


The session runs from 10am to 5pm on June 26, 2008.


The event will be held at the Eclipse Foundation offices in Ottawa [1].


  • Understanding
  • Itemize single-serving projects' build needs (GEF, VE, PDT)
  • Itemize multi-tiered / composite projects' build needs (Modeling, DSDP, STP)
  • Itemize cross-project / coordinated build needs (Europa, Ganymede)
  • Brainstorming
  • Relative pros/cons of using vservers/vmware/virtualbox images as "buildserver in a box" deployables
  • At Eclipse? On others' hardware?
  • Relative pros/cons of using a script to deploy new projects to an uberbuilder server, eg.,
  • Relative pros/cons of providing both options
  • Sizing
  • Itemize cost/time to the Eclipse Foundation to support the various options
  • Itemize cost/time savings to projects' by having this
  • Pass around a hat asking for resource contributions -- money would be nice, but more hands would be better!
  • Prototyping
  • Time permitting, we'd like to actually come away with something other than wiki documentation (Category:Releng), be it a build server image or a build server generator script


Though it's admittedly short notice, the date for this event was selected to coincide w/ the Ganymede Release party on June 25, so that people might already be in town and have all their build pain fresh in mind.

If you have had, or will have, build and/or release engineering responsibilities for an Eclipse project, please consider attending.

It is important for attendees to have real-world knowledge of their build system - this is not a meeting for managers, it's a workshop for do-ers. You were also welcome to attend if you have substantial related experience and a willingness to contribute to the workshop's goals.

How to register

Sign here:

  • Denis Roy, Eclipse Webmaster, organizer/host
  • Nick Boldt, Modeling Project Releng, organizer


Like any good EclipseCON tutorial, the workshop will start with talk, then move into actual hands-on coding.


Build Workshop 2: Build Harder/Report: TBD.

The cross-projects mailing list:

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