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Build Workshop 1

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Release engineering is important and we're going to pay more attention to it. This workshop is our first step.

As experienced software developers, we all know that release engineering is an essential part of building high-quality frameworks and tools. The Callisto Simultaneous Release demonstrated that truth yet again. Motivated by our desire to reduce the manual overhead of cross-project release engineering for the upcoming Europa Release, the Planning Council endorsed this symposium/workshop for sharing tools and best practices for build/release engineering.


The session will meet from 8 am to 5 pm each of two days. We recommend you arrive the evening before the first day and stay through at least 4 pm the second day. We will provide lunch each day. There will be a no-host dinner the evening of the first day.

  • August 12, 2006 -- Early registration ends
  • September 11, 2006 -- Recommended evening arrival
  • September 12 & 13 -- Working Sessions


The event will be held near Portland, Oregon, in the Barley Room of the historic Edgefield resort hotel. The Edgefield property offers a casual environment with many whimsically decorated spaces for work and play.


  • Collective understanding of each project's current build/release process.
  • Define common interactions/locations/protocols (rss, download directories, update sites, mailing lists, conference calls, etc) with the expectation that these will be required of most Europa projects. For example, perhaps Europa projects will publish their build results via an RSS feed for other projects to consume.
  • Design common build infrastructure (processes, conventions, checklists, builders, tests, web pages, maven?, ant?, buckminster?, pack200, cruise control?, etc) which will be recommended to new Eclipse projects and potentially, optionally, adopted by existing projects which do not already have a sophisticated release engineering process.
  • Formulate requirements/requests to the Eclipse Foundation for build support facilities to be made available for smaller projects.

Who should attend

You should attend if you have had, or will have, build and/or release engineering responsibilities for an Eclipse project. It is important for attendees to have real-world knowledge of their build system - this is not a meeting for managers, it's a workshop for do-ers.

You are also welcome to attend if you have substantial related experience and a willingness to contribute to the symposium's goals.

How to register

Participants will need to register in three places.

  1. Register with Anne Jacko of the Eclipse Foundation. Send her your name, email address, phone number, and any meal restrictions.
  2. Register with the Hotel. Call Edgefield reservations at (800) 669-8610 and say you are with the Eclipse Foundation Europa Build Workshop. We have a block of 16 European Style rooms reserved at the daily rate of $50 plus tax through August 12th. Fancier rooms may be available.
  3. Register yourself on this page in the space below. Describe yourself, features of your build processes, wishes for an advanced build environment.

These are people who hope to attend, or have already registered to attend.

  • Ward Cunningham, organizer, registered
  • Bjorn Freeman-Benson, Dash release engineer & organizer, registered
  • Scott Lewis, registered. ECF project lead. We've got a simple-but-useful build environment for smaller projects.
  • Pete Mackie, registered. ECF project. Author of the stand-alone workstation Eclipse project build. Hey, its really simple to deploy once you understand just a few details about the environment.
  • Jao Tham, registered. EPF project release engineer.
  • Doug Schaefer, hoping. CDT project lead. Man with too many hats, one of them CDT release engineer. Looking for a way to share my releng hat with others.
  • Hubert Leung, registered. TPTP project release engineer.
  • Bill Kayser, registered. Share an office with Ward and Bjorn--hoping to get some ideas for improving our build process, especially conventions for naming and packaging of client libraries based on Eclipse plug-ins.
  • Nick Boldt, registered. Eclipse Modeling project release engineer, incl. EMF, UML2, EMFT, and soon GEF, GMF, etc. Committer for (RSS- & Bugzilla-related tools)

How to get there

Edgefield is 20 minutes from downtown Portland, Oregon, five minutes from the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, and 15 minutes from Portland International Airport.

There is an Airporter that would run $25, $3 for each additional passenger.

We will use this space to coordinate ride sharing from the airport to the workshop.

  • WardCunningham, I will be driving from my home in Portland. I could swing by the airport but my small car has only room for one more.

Things to be discussed

We will use this space to discuss tools, methods, protocols and conventions that should be of interest to the participants.

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