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Build Packaging for COSMOS

Revision as of 11:44, 17 January 2008 by Ruthdaly.ca.ibm.com (Talk | contribs) (A Proposal for organizing downloads for COSMOS)

A Proposal for organizing downloads for COSMOS

Currently, the zip files on the download page is organized by subprojects. I suggest grouping by adoption scenarios which is more meaningful for end users.

  1. COSMOS Demo
    • This is the zip file that users will download to understand what COSMOS is and whether it's useful for their project. The zip file should include a deployable application that can demonstrate most of the features of COSMOS.
    • This zip file can include:
      • Management domain
      • broker
      • one or more example data managers and/or MDRs
      • Web frontend
      • install guide and any necessary offline documentation
    • <Ali>As mentioned before, demo is not the best word to describe what is included in the package. The term demo indicates a set of examples that needs a platform to run on. It's misleading to include our runtime code in a package called demo. A better name is perhaps "COSMOS Runtime + Samples" </Ali>
    • <Hubert>Hubert's response here</Hubert>
    • This zip file will be downloaded by adopters who want to extend the COSMOS framework. It's installed by unzipping on top of the eclipse install.
    • It includes:
      • OSGi bundles (plugins) to be installed in eclipse. They include dependencies required by the COSMOS framework and the web front end framework.
      • Source code in the form of source plugins.
      • Any tooling used for creating data managers and MDRs.
    • The SDK will require some prerequisites, such as WTP for web development.
  3. Eclipse-based tooling
    • Some functions provided by COSMOS are tooling used in eclipse, in the form of eclipse plugins. This zip file contains plugins to be installed on the target platform. (i.e. unzip on top of eclipse install)
    • The toolings include:
      • SML editor and validator
      • WSDM Tooling