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Eclipse Bug Day (July 27 2007)


Project Contacts(s) Triage Bugs
ECF Chris Aniszczyk (IRC: zx)
Remy Suen (IRC: rcjsuen)
Scott Lewis (IRC: slewis2)
Link Link

Contributor Ref.

Mik Kersten (Bugzilla: mik.kersten@eclipse)
Rob Elves (Bugzilla: rob.elves@eclipse)
Link Link
PDE Chris Aniszczyk (IRC: zx)
Wassim Melhem
Link Link
Platform Ant Darin Swanson Link Link
Platform UI  ? Link Link
Web Tools Platform Nitin Dahyabhai (IRC: nitind)
Cameron Bateman
Link Link


Name Bug(s)
Brock Janiczak 169373
Abner Ballardo 193136,192756,197991
Jacek Pospychala 192762,149912,197329
Peter Friese 194529, 194828, 191769, 194694,194650, 184473
Dakshinamurthy K 165371
Willian Mitsuda 192589
Bartosz Michalik 170213, bug 198175, bug 196734
David Carver

156593, 192568

Çağatay Çallı 196812, 192759, 192757, 198170
Jörn Dinkla 192574, 197821
Gerd Castan

tested old bugs that have shown no activity for longer time

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