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=== Location ===
=== Location ===
* We are thinking about either Minitur (II District), Bar Martinez (VI District) where we had the [http://www.flickr.com/photos/b2i Eclipse Birthday Party last year], or Lampas (VII District). If you have an opinion or suggestion, please [http://www.b2international.com/web/guest/contact contact Brandon Ulrich].
* Either Minitur (II District) or Bar Martinez (VI District) where we had the [http://www.flickr.com/photos/b2i Eclipse Birthday Party last year].
=== Date and Time ===
=== Date and Time ===

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Date and Time

  • The DemoCamp will be held on the first week of December. If you have any preferences for a date on this week, please note them here.


Brandon Ulrich, B2 International (B2i)


If you would like to present at a DemoCamp, please feel free to add your name and topic to the list. Depending on the number of people interested we may have to limit the number of presenters and time of each demo. You can make your presentations in either Hungarian or English.

  • Attila Ruha, Istvan Benedek, Zoltan Verebes: Using Eclipse RCP for flexible Loan Origination and Servicing Systems
  • Gabor Szentivanyi: TEAM Project: Tightening knowledge sharing in distributed software communities by applying semantic technologies
  • Zsolt Torok: A Model Comparison Algorithm for Large Clinical Models
  • Srdan Bejakovic: Summer of Code Project reflections, XML Instance Generation Tool
  • Bence Olah: Visualizing Model Changes for HL7 v3 Clinical Models

Who Is Attending

If you plan on attending please add your name to the list below. We'd like to see as many people show up as possible.