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Buckminster View Specification (Buckminster)

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Buckminster currently has very little visual presence, making it difficult for someone starting to use Buckminster. Where is Buckminster? How do I use it?

Buckminster View

The idea is to create a Buckminster View, with the main purpose of being a "hub" for the Buckminster functionality. This view should have extension points to allow the Buckminster related plugins to have a natural place to add their commands that does not naturally fit elsewhere. This view does not preclude that commands are available where they are typically found elsewhere in Eclipse - (preferences are in preferences etc.) but when learning and using something new, it is somewhat confusing to jump around in the regular GUI to find the actions that relate to a particular domain (esp. when that domain is an add-on to other natures).

Commands in the Buckminster View

  • Preferences - opens up preferences for Buckminster
  • About - shows version information and how Buckminster has been extended (i.e. what support there is for various repository readers etc.)
  • Buckminster - Project Wizard; helps user through configuring a project for use with Buckminster - See Project Wizard Specification.
  • If a repository requires creating an identity (for login) it can be invoked from here
  • If a respository requires login and similar functions, it can be invoked from here
  • The view could show status of repository connections
  • The state of the current project (can Buckminster operate on it or not).
  • Open a CQUERY - this is now done via the File Open Dialog, but that only works on Windows