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Buckminster Project/Buckminster Roadmap

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Not yet prioritized items to complete before the 1.0 final release. Completion Q4 2006

  • Better editors for several basic formats (tentative: use Eclipse Forms)
    • RMAP Editor
    • CSPEC Editor (more generally expressed: a 'Buckminster Component Editor' that is extendable and is the umbrella editor for all component aspects)
    • CQUERY Editor (rewrite of the existing editor to conform to Forms)
  • Create Trailblazers for common usecases
  • Replace metadata persistence mechanism
    • Use a DB (e.g. Derby) instead of XML
  • Integrate full Manifest services (checksums etc) into Bill-of-materials
  • General refactoring
    • Make headless core product much smaller
    • Improve separation of concern

Misc possibilities - undecided and no timeframe

  • Disconnect headless entirely from Buckminster, possibly offer for general RCP use
    • Turn into article: 'Implementing a headless framework' and 'Implementing a headless progress monitor'

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