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Buckminster Project

Welcome to our Wiki. This is the Wiki home page for the Buckminster Component Assembly project, an Eclipse Technology sub project. (The old entry page has been archived but is still here for anyone requiring a link that is not on the page below.)

Latest Project News

  • 2009-07-01 - Eclipse Buckminster, The Definitive Guide by Henrik Lindberg
  • 2009-03-22 - Buckminster presentation at Eclipse Con 2009 - "From source to automated build with Buckminster and p2"
  • 2009-03-18 - Buckminster now supports p2 in 3.5 M6

Buckminster 101

Getting Productive

  • Buckminster download - browse and get available versions of Buckminster
  • Buckminster setup - instructions on how to install and configure Buckminster
  • Using Buckminster - a user guide outlining a typical usage scenario and providing examples for the main Buckminster components

Getting Involved

Communication & Contact

Project Information

Articles & Events

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