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* [[Buckminster Project/Community|Community]]
* [[Buckminster Project/Community|Community]]
* [[Buckminster Project/Buckminster Roadmap|Buckminster Roadmap]]
* [[Buckminster Project/Buckminster Roadmap|Buckminster Roadmap]]
* [[Buckminster Project/Work in Progress|Work in Progress]]

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The Buckminster Wiki is under transition from its former location at Tada. If you do not find a docuement here, please visit

This is the home page for the Buckminster, Component Assembly project. Buckminster started off as an in-house component management in a prior venture and was later transformed into an open source project at Tigris. The original effort can still be found here. The Buckminster project is now an Eclipse Technology Project.

The primary objective with this wiki is to breed the Buckminster documentation. The idea is to let it grow here where it is easy to collaborate and get a sane structure, and then move major parts of it into the Eclipse help system.

Previous version of this page

Under construction...

We are currently working on our documentation. What you find in our Introduction should be considered a very early draft. At present, it mentions some concepts that we have not yet implemented.

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