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Buckminster 3.6 New and Noteworthy

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==The Helios release of Buckminster has the following new and noteworthy features.

  • Support for Git
  • Headless JUnit and Eclemma (code coverage) support
  • Comprehensive documentation available
  • Graphical dependency visualizer
  • Much improved target platform support
  • Provisioning and management of API baseline
  • New EMF based editors for MSPEC and RMAP
  • Reader type for Team Project Set (.psf) files
  • p2 site size reduction to 1/3 using improved pack200 support
  • Omni Version support
  • Qualifier generator using Build Identifier
  • LDAP style filters on RMAP providers, CQUERY advisors, and MSPEC nodes
  • Smart version range generation for feature ‘includes'
  • Support for category.xml files
  • Headless 'install JRE' support
  • Better defaults often renders the MSPEC unnecessary
  • Using new p2 API, p2 ‘pure’ reader, and separate p2 agent

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