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Beyond Eclipse CN

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Note: Please don't embedding your comments in this document, but your feedback can influence the pages listed here. If you have suggestions, please provide me with your feedback on the mail or the discussion page.
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  • 开发流程及任务分配
  • Project2000
  • V 型开发
  • OpenUP


  • 项目组成员组队
  • 团队资源门户


  • 产品/使用(For Tool-User)
    • Desktop tool
    • Embedded tool
    • Web Application tool
  • 建模/设计(For Analyser)
    • Product Modeling
    • Principles
    • GOF4
    • Architectural
    • J2EE Pattern
    • 设计文档及模版
  • 开发/框架(For Developer)
    • Eclipse utp
    • 编码/测试文档及规范

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