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Basic SWT widgets enhancement

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'Nebula' has been developed to make the widget in Eclipse rich and colorful,but the basic widgets are all the same and not enhanced. For example,the combo box widget still does not support an image item or a mix(image and text).Actually,there are many aspects for basic SWT widgets to be enhanced.If possible,I think these "enhanced" widgets can be a part of 'Nebula' before accepted by SWT.

Primary goals

some basic enhanced widgets

  1. rich combo box: this combo box will support image and mix(image and text)
  2. rich list: this list will also support image and mix

some enhanced functionality

  1. a batch of rich buttons: e.g. if the button style as been set style_ok, a button containing a "ok" image will be created.And there are many styles will be supportd:style_ok,style_cancel,style_info,style_err,etc.
  2. SWT docking?: I do not know whether there has been some projects to support SWT docking. If there is none,I will do that.