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Babel / Server Tool Project Plan

Initial Release of Phase I

Next week (Second week of January 2008) will be the initial release of the babel server code (see https://babel.eclipse.org/staging/).
Coding Tasks Before Launch:
* Refactor DB to allow only one copy of English string and internal key regardless of version (fix import tool/ajax callback queries)
Importing Task Before Launch:

  • Populate all Languages

* Populate Projects with strings
Right after Launch Features:

  • Write a Developer guide, including how to set up a dev environment
  • Automate/document release process
  • Make SVN work with the maps processor https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=217196
  • Import all translations -- do we want to import 3.2 strings?
  • Add voting for a translation
  • Add initial users page with some useful stats (like # of string translated)
  • stream line translation so it is easier