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direct link : http://babel.eclipse.org/babel/recent.php?language_id=12
direct link : http://babel.eclipse.org/babel/recent.php?language_id=12
=== Portuguese Brazilian (pt_BR) ===
* [[User User talk:p_r_moreira@yahoo.com.br|Paulo Moreira (p_r_moreira AT yahoo DOT com DOT br)]]
direct link : http://babel.eclipse.org/babel/recent.php?language_id=10

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Babel language champions are persons who are proficient in both English and another language and have a few minutes to spare each week. Being a language champion is a low-effort task for providing insight to the Babel team, and community, on the current state of the quality of the language.

How can I be a language champion?

  • Casually monitor the Recent Translations for your language, and report the following:
    • Vandalism: report vandalism to the Babel Developers mailing list, so it can be removed by the Babel team
    • Errors: report, and discuss translation errors on the Babel Translators mailing list.
  • Install and test a language pack every few weeks
  • Help translators with ambiguous translations on the Translators list

Current champions

If you'd like to become a Champion, please subscribe to the Babel Translators mailing list, and add your name and language to the list below. The more champions we have, the better our language packs!

Dutch (nl)

  • H. (talk) 03:01, 10 June 2008 (EDT)

direct link : http://babel.eclipse.org/babel/recent.php?language_id=18

French (fr)

direct link : http://babel.eclipse.org/babel/recent.php?language_id=2

German (de)

direct link : http://babel.eclipse.org/babel/recent.php?language_id=4

Japanese (ja)

direct link : http://babel.eclipse.org/babel/recent.php?language_id=3

Simplified Chinese (zh)

direct link : http://babel.eclipse.org/babel/recent.php?language_id=11

Traditional Chinese (zh_TW)

direct link : http://babel.eclipse.org/babel/recent.php?language_id=12

Portuguese Brazilian (pt_BR)

direct link : http://babel.eclipse.org/babel/recent.php?language_id=10