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Babel / Development Status Meetings / 2009-06-22

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  • Build status
    • I20090614-0400 finished
    • I will run the p2 publisher (which will take about 15 hours to finish) and the XSL transform against the build manually
    • I will perform a smoke test on the update sites and language packs
    • If everything is okay, we can rename I20090614-0400 to RC2 on Thursday or Friday
    • We will exercise the same process next week and declare Golden Master next Friday, June 26th
    • Denis, can we start the I-build on Friday morning or Saturday morning so I can run the p2 publisher and transform processes during the weekend and have a build ready next Monday?
  • Work items
    • p2 metadata generator is deprecated, we should use p2 publisher
    • Possible to port the p2 metadata generator to p2 publisher?
    • Need to integrate the p2 publisher step and XSL transformation step into the build process
    • Monitor bug 247099 Ability to disable greedy behavior of optional dependencies