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(New page: === Attendees === {| border="1" | Kit ||   |- | Denis ||   |- | Gabe ||   |- | Antoine ||   |- | Nigel ||   |- | Jeff ||   |- | Margaret ||   |} === Top...)
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=== Topics ===
=== Topics ===
*Promoting a Build
*Babel Developer Downloads site
**Thanks Denis for working on the script
**[ Babel Developer Downloads] site is looking good
**Can we use the script to promote to RC1 or Release build?
**N-builds, I-builds, and RC1 build are listed properly
*p2 metadata generation
**Just one problem with I20090607-0400 build - {{bug|279485}} Language pack links are broken
**While testing the effect of not including the features in our language packs, I noticed that our features may have some problems.
**Sample broken link:
**I unzipped the Babel language pack for the Eclipse project ( into "" and "".
**It's related to the "galileo" folder in the middle of the link, link works if the "galileo" folder is removed
**Somehow, Eclipse does not list our Babel language pack features as installed features. The plug-in fragments were loaded though, as orphan plug-ins with no parents.
*RC1 status
**That could be the reason why the p2 metadata generated by Gabe did not include any features (that's just a guess).
**RC1 build links all looking good
**Please help investigate to see if there is anything wrong with our Babel language pack features.
**I tested the downloadable language pack zips and tested with ""
*Release deliverables
**Eclipse is launching with language packs properly, no runtime errors (not a very in-depth test thought)
**Our Babel Runtime tools do not have enough exposure and testing
*p2 metadata generation status?
**I'm thinking to change the plan for this release and just provide the language packs we produced

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