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Babel / Development Status Meetings / 2009-03-16




  • bug 266250 Map file processor not running properly on live server
    • Problem resolved, Equinox and TPTP strings are now extracted and made available for translation
    • Plan to pull in old translations - Re-import? Re-sync?
  • bug 261584 Wrong folder structure in langpack generation for datatools
    • Patch tested positive, solved the building problems for Datatools, CDT, and Equinox
    • Deploy to live server?
  • bug 268632 Update site not working
    • Denis or Antoine, please check the live server
  • bug 260013 BIRT 2.3.1 Translation for 6 languages in group 1
    • Status - Imported to live server?
  • bug 260086 DTP 1.6.2 Translation for 6 languages in group 1
    • Status - Imported to live server?
  • bug 258783 Add translation fragments for Subversive project
    • Status - Imported to live server?
  • Babel update site and download page problems
    • Most problem fixed
    • Still have some issues with missing site.xml for Europa?
    • Status?
  • bug 262682 Galileo release train not an option
    • Done!
    • Once we have that defined, we should start to produce the zip for Eclipse Platform English .properties files and make it available from the download page
    • Status?
  • Antoine presented a Webinar for Globalizing Eclipse with Babel on March 11
    • Thanks!
  • Babel Build Machine
    • We need to start the building of Babel Runtime Tools
    • Should we setup the build at Eclipse Foundation?
    • Are there templates to follow?

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