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Babel / Development Status Meetings / 2009-03-09




  • Babel Project Plan for 1.0
    • Updated the project plan
    • Release Deliverables
      • Source code tagged with "R1_0" in CVS repository
      • Babel Runtime available as downloadable zip and at Babel Runtime Update Site
      • Babel Language Pack Update Site for Galileo
      • Babel Language Pack Update Site for Ganymede
      • Babel Language Pack Update Site for Europa
      • Babel Language Pack downloadable zips
    • Release milestones will be aligned with the Galileo Simultaneous Release train.
      • M1 04/01/2009 1.0M1
      • M2 05/01/2009 1.0M2
      • RC1 05/15/2009 1.0RC1
      • RC2 05/29/2009 1.0RC2
      • RC3 06/05/2009 1.0RC3
      • RC4 06/12/2009 1.0RC4
      • 1.0 06/28/2009 1.0
    • Target Environments - Babel translations is platform independent. Babel Runtime will be tested on the following platforms:
      • Microsoft Windows Vista, x86-32, Win32
      • Microsoft Windows XP, x86-32, Win32
      • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0, x86-32, GTK
    • Internationalization
  • bug 266250 Map file processor not running properly on live server
    • The original problem reported may be related to the content of the map files
    • Equinox has extra "CVS,tag,cvsRoot" labels
      • plugin@org.eclipse.equinox.p2.artifact.repository=CVS,tag=R34x_v20080808-1156,,path=org.eclipse.equinox/p2/bundles/org.eclipse.equinox.p2.artifact.repository
    • TPTP does not have the ":pserver:anonymous" info
      • plugin@org.eclipse.tptp.monitoring=v200901090956,tptp:/cvsroot/tptp,,monitoring/org.eclipse.tptp.monitoring
    • Kit will add the info to Bugzilla and continue to investigate with Antoine and Denis
    • Any progress?
  • Babel update site and download page problems
    • Most problem fixed
    • Still have some issues with missing site.xml for Europa?

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