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  • A cron job, running on, executes, which executes generate1.php and builds the language pack ZIP files as well as the update site.
  • All builds are pushed to the Build server so they can be downloaded and tested.
  • Nightly builds only target the latest release train. The resulting build directory is encoded as NYYYYMMDD-HHMM.
  • One weekly build builds all trains. The resulting build directory is encoded as IYYYYMMDD-HHMM.

Promoting a Build

Only I-builds can be promoted to the Babel downloads site. Before promoting a build, please make sure:

  • The build has passed. Check the babel_language_packs directory for the test results. Consult the logs.
  • The build works. Download the language packs and test them on the latest release/milestone build of Eclipse for each train.

To promote the build, use an SSH client and connect to

   cd /shared/technology/babel
   ./ I2009MMDD-HHMM