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(Language glossaries)
(Language glossaries)
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== Language glossaries ==
== Language glossaries ==
[[French Glossary | French]] [[Potuguese Glossary |Português]]
*[[French Glossary | French]]
*[[Potuguese Glossary |Portuguese]]

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Eclipse is a global community. It is in everyone’s interest to ensure that Eclipse is available and translated in as many locales as possible. Babel will be a set of tools to make the job of globalizing Eclipse projects easier. We also want to provide ways for people world wide, who are interested, to contribute translations in their language of choice.

Babel Project Home

Babel Translation Tool

Babel Plug-ins

Babel / Message Bundle Editor These plug-ins can be installed in the IDE to aid developers with the maintenance of the resource bundle property files.

Babel / Runtime Translation Editor This plug-in can be installed as part of an RCP application and allows the application's users to provide translations within the context of the application.

Babel Documents

Babel / Server Tool Specification

Babel / Server Tool Project Plan

Babel / Server Tool Development Process

Babel / Large Contribution Import Process

Babel / Server Tool API

Babel / Server Tool Extension API

Language glossaries

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