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BaSyx / Documentation / Technology Compatibility Kit

Technology Compatibility Kit

The Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) is a suite of tests that at least nominally checks a particular alleged implementation of a Java Specification Request for compliance. With the TCK of the BaSyx Java SDK, the user can use it to test the compatibility between a particular self-implemented BaSyx-component and the Basyx SDK.

The TCK project basyx.tck of the BaSyx Java SDK is a multi-module project, whose modules use the per-defined JUnit testsuites to test the corresponding component. For example, to set up a test for an AAS registry with the module basyx.tck.registry of the basyx.tck, following steps are performed:

  1. The user should first start his own registry, which is hosted on a server.
  2. In the module basyx.tck.registry, the class in the package org.eclipse.basyx.testsuite.regression.aas.registration provides the main-class to test the registry with the server URL.

To generate a runnable Jar-file of the test module, execute the following maven command for the module basyx.tck.registry:

  mvn clean compile test-compile assembly:single

To execute the Jar file, run the following command:

  java -jar $JAR_NAME $HTTP_PFAD

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