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Planned for BIRT 2.5
Delivered for BIRT 2.5
===Specification Lead===
===Specification Lead===

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[edit] Status

Delivered for BIRT 2.5

[edit] Specification Lead

  • Linda Chan (Actuate Corporation)

[edit] Interested Parties

  • BIRT Data Explorer - Mingxia Wu (Actuate Corporation)
  • BIRT UI Design Proposal - Boonboon Chanchoke (Actuate Corporation)

[edit] Description

This project aims at improving the usability of the data access capabilities of BIRT. It focus on the UI support to externalize an existing local data source in a report design to a connection profile for use in deployment.

[edit] Capability List

  • Allows user to externalize a local data source properties to a connection profile in the Data Source Explorer
  • Allows user to optionally perform export only and do not change the local data source design to use the exported connection profile
  • Allows user to optionally create a connection profile store file for selected connection profile instances

[edit] Specification Document(s)

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