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Report Word Emitter

This project aims to provide support for exporting a report to Word document format.

  • History

Proposed May 30, 2006

  • Specification Lead

Larry Liang


Word document is one of the commonly used channels for report output and distribution. Comparing to PDF and HTML, Word documents has the advantage of being easily editable. It may serve as a distribution media, as well as a mechanism for users to extract and modify information.

InetSoft is proposing to add a new emitter for exporting the output of BIRT reports to Word format. The proposal calls for an emitter to support the XML based WordprocessingML format. The XML format is the default document format for MS Word 2003 and later. The design also takes into consideration for easy extension to support additional formats, especially the Open Document format used by Open Office.

The proposal document has been attached to the Bugzilla request [101502]. Please post and comments and feedbacks to this Bugzilla entry.

Specification Document(s)

Attached to Bugzilla entry 101502

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