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===Specification Document(s)===
===Specification Document(s)===
* [http://www.eclipse.org/birt/release20specs/BPS38%20-%20Chart%20Types%20SPEC.pdf  Functional Specification]
* [http://www.eclipse.org/birt/release20specs/BPS38%20-%20Chart%20Types%20SPEC.pdf  Functional Specification 2.0]
===Related Bugzilla Entries===
===Related Bugzilla Entries===

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Chart Types

This project aims to support new types of chart and improve specificities of the existing ones.



Specification Lead

David Michonneau


Capability List

  • Improved Chart Types
    • Pie Charts per-slice explosion and minimum slice
    • Curve Fitting for Chart with axes
  • New Chart Types
    • 3D Line/Area/Bar Charts
    • Meter/Dial Charts
    • Area Charts

Specification Document(s)

Related Bugzilla Entries