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(Specification Document(s))
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===Specification Document(s)===
===Specification Document(s)===
[http://www.eclipse.org/birt/release20specs/BPS16%20-%20Property%20Editor%20for%20Chart%20Report%20Item%20Functional%20SPEC%201.2.pdf  Functional Specification]
[http://www.eclipse.org/birt/release20specs/BPS16%20-%20Property%20Editor%20for%20Chart%20Report%20Item%20Functional%20SPEC%201.2.pdf  Functional Specification 2.0]

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Property Editor for Chart Report Item

This project aims to provide a property editor for accessing commonly used properties in charts.



Specification Lead

David Michonneau


BIRT provides a Property Editor for accessing commonly used properties for visual and non-visual components in a report. The Property Editor enhances developer productivity through simple access to the items that a developer typically wants to set when creating a report.

The Property Editor is not currently available for elements in a chart within a report design. For example, for the fonts in a chart title or legend.

For both consistency and developer productivity reasons, the Property Editor should be available for commonly changed properties in a chart.

Capability List

Please refer to the Feature Specification for BPS15.

Specification Document(s)

Functional Specification 2.0