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===Specification Document(s)===
===Specification Document(s)===
* [http://www.eclipse.org/birt/release20specs/BPS15%20-%20New%20Chart%20User%20Interface%20Functional%20SPEC%201.2.pdf Functional Specification v2.0]
* [http://www.eclipse.org/birt/release20specs/BPS15/BPS15%20-%20New%20Chart%20User%20Interface%20Functional%20SPEC%201.2.pdf Functional Specification v2.0]
* [http://www.eclipse.org/birt/release20specs/BPS15%201.0.1%20Charts_UI_Extensibility.pdf%20 Chart Builder UI Extensibility v1.1]
* [http://www.eclipse.org/birt/release20specs/BPS15/BPS15%201.0.1%20Charts_UI_Extensibility.pdf Chart Builder UI Extensibility v1.1]
* [http://www.eclipse.org/birt/release20specs/BPS15/BPS15_Chart_UI_Usability_SPEC_2_2.pdf Functional Specification v2.2] (new)

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Chart Builder and Wizard

This project aims to provide a Chart Builder UI for creating and editing charts.



Specification Lead

David Michonneau


The Chart Builder provides an easy-to-use User Interface to create and edit charts. Featuring a live preview and a task-oriented interface, it allows to change all the attributes of the chart model in real-time. It follows the UI guidelines of the latest Eclipse version, including a dockable help and standard Eclipse wizard look and feel.

The Chart builder can dynamically adapt to modifications in the chart model, and can also adapt to new Series types, providing extension points to integrate new dialogs for specific Series properties.

The Chart Builder is fully integrated in the BIRT Report Designer, but can also be used in standalone mode (outside BIRT reports) in any SWT-based Java Application to edit chart models. Extension points and interfaces allow developers to integrate the Chart Builder in their environment to link the data provider of the chart to the builder and also their own expression builder.

Capability List

  • v2.0 (released)
  • v2.1 (released)
    • Online help support with dockable help tray
    • Accessibility support
    • Sticky dialogs
    • Multiple Axis support
  • v2.2 (planned)
    • Various usability enhancements

Specification Document(s)