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BPEL Restructuring

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After a discussion with the SOA PMC it was decided that it would in the community's best interests to have the BPEL Designer project move to the SOA top-level project. This will promote the visibility of the project to a community that is more directly involved in the definition and use of business process design tools, thereby attracting developers with a vested interest in improving and maintaining the BPEL Designer code base.


As part of the code restructuring we propose moving to a GIT repository. If possible, we would like to maintain the existing commit history in the new repository.

A new unix group, soa.bpel, will be created for the project. All existing committers will become part of this group.

All code in the existing CVS repository at /cvsroot/technology/bpel (technology.bpel group) will be moved to a new GIT repository at /gitroot/bpel (new soa.bpel group). The project directory structure will remain the same.


The location of the existing BPEL project website will not physically change, it will remain at /cvsroot/org.eclipse/www/bpel but access rights should be changed to read/write for the new soa.bpel group.

Download Site

The BPEL Designer update site will move from http://download.eclipse.org/technology/bpel/update-site/ to http://download.eclipse.org/bpel/updates/

Access rights should be changed to read/write for the soa.bpel group.


The entire bugzilla history will be moved from the "Technology" Classification to "SOA". Product, Component, Version and Target will all remain as-is.

Mailing Lists and Forums

The current newsgroup, bpel-dev@eclipse.org and the BPEL Forum http://www.eclipse.org/forums/index.php?t=thread&frm_id=43 will remain as-is.

The VCS commit notification mailing list bpel-commits@eclipse.org will need to be hooked in to the new GIT repository.


This is a list of all active committers; these will also be granted committer rights to the new project.

  • Nick Boldt (nboldt@redhat.com)
  • Bob Brodt (bbrodt@redhat.com)
  • Oleg Danilov (oleg.v.danilov@intel.com)
  • Tobias Liefke (eclipse@liefke.biz)
  • Grid Qian (fqian@redhat.com)
  • Vincent Zurczak (vincent.zurczak@petalslink.com)

Project Plan and Restructuring Schedule

The current project plan can be found here. The goal is to complete the code move by end of July, 2011 and produce a 1.0 release by end of August, 2011.

The Restructuring Review has been tentatively scheduled for July 7 to July 13, 2011.

A copy of the IP Log can be found here: Media:IPLogBPELJune2011.pdf

Communications Channels

All questions and concerns about this review should be addressed in the BPEL Designer Forum or the Mailing List.