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Using Git

Now that the BPEL Designer code is hosted in a GIT repository (, there has been some discussion lately on the bpel-dev mailing list about contributing bug fixes and enhancements to the project and the whole GIT process in general. I must admit I'm a GIT newbie myself and while there is a bit of a learning curve and "attitude readjustment", the effort is well worth the benefits of using GIT (so I am told ;^) )

To clear up any confusion about how to contribute to the project, here is what you should do:

For committers

  • Create a clone of the repo, locally fork the master branch.
  • For bug fixes, push your changes directly to the master branch.
  • For new features, create branches on, push changes to that branch, and merge the branch back into master when you feel the new feature is ready.

Note that before a new feature is added to the product, the author(s) should inform the community through the bpel-dev mailing list and/or through the BPEL Forum.

For other contributors (non committers)

  • Create a local clone of the git repo, locally fork the master branch
  • For bug fixes & features, either:
    • make changes on your local branch and send a pull request to the bpel-dev mailing list, or
    • publish a branch with the bugfix on a remote repo (such as GitHub) and notify the bpel-dev mailing list of the change.

A committer will then be assigned to merge your changes back into the master branch at

As always, please make sure that every change (bug fix or feature) is associated with a bugzilla report, and that your commit comments include a reference to that bugzilla ID.

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