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BIRT Community Tested Operating Environments for 2.3


Due to the finite resources available to the BIRT project, we would like to encourage the BIRT community to contribute to testing BIRT in operating environments other than those listed as target operating environments for the 2.2.1 release of BIRT and to share this information with the rest of the community. If you have been able to test BIRT in a non-targeted operating environment please take a few minutes to update this wiki page and report this information here. If you have encountered bugs during your testing, please report these in bugzilla.

Testing Guidelines

Please indicate the status of the following tests:

  • Status of running unit tests for BIRT
  • Status of viewing sample BIRT reports available in Report Examples view
  • Status of viewing sample BIRT charts available in Chart Examples view

Community Tested Operating Environment Information

Please include as much information as possible from the list below for each test environment:

  • Operating System and version
  • Processor Architecture
  • Window System
  • Java Platform and version
  • Application Server and version
  • JDBC driver and version
  • Browsers and version

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