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For information on the BIRT project see the BIRT Homepage.
This page is dedicated to providing examples of BIRT usage. This includes relevant links to report examples and API usage. We encourage the community to add comments and additional content, as this is what makes BIRT better. When adding new content please remember to categorize your example in the proper location and add a BIRT version header and a comments section to the bottom.

This can be done by copying the following to the beginning of your example wiki page.
== BIRT Version ==
BIRT 2.1.1

And copying the following to the bottom of your example.
== Comments ==

Please enter comments below by selecting the edit icon to the right.
You will need a Bugzilla account to add comments.



  • BIRT Tutorial - The BIRT Tutorial walks through the creation of grouped report. It explains most of the views available and is an excellent starting point for someone who is new to BIRT. The Tutorial is available here.
  • BIRT Flash Videos - The BIRT Site contains many videos that demonstrate BIRT reporting functionallity. These examples can be viewed here. The examples under Reporting Feature Examples are Flash videos that walk through utilizing a particular BIRT Feature. This page also contains a link for solution reports that demonstrate using BIRT to build business forms.
  • Examples in the Source Code -

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