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Presented here are questions commonly asked in the BIRT newsgroup. Have a suggestion? Please post it on the newsgroup.

Much of the material here has been adapted from newsgroup postings. Thanks to all the BIRT community members who provided the questions & answers.


The FAQ is divided into a number of topics. The nav bar on the left provides a quick way to move between topics.

  • FAQ/Installation – Tips for downloading and installing BIRT, and supported platforms.
  • FAQ/Linux – Tips for using BIRT on Linux.
  • [| Examples]– Tips for how to get started with BIRT, and where to find examples.
  • FAQ/Data Access– Data sources, data sets, custom data sets, data extensions and more.
  • FAQ/Report Parameters– Report parameters allow your user to pass data into the report.
  • FAQ/Scripting– Expressions, aggregates, scripting and calling into Java code.
  • FAQ/Extensions – Extending BIRT with custom report items, converts and more.
  • FAQ/Charts – Using and programming the Eclipse Charting Engine.
  • FAQ/Deployment – Deploying BIRT onto an application server.
  • FAQ/Report Layout – Building the layout and formatting portion of a report.
  • FAQ/Output Formats – HTML and PDF report output formats.
  • FAQ/Internationalization – Using BIRT in multiple locales and with multiple languages.
  • FAQ/Applications – Tips & tricks for achieving various kinds of applications.
  • FAQ/Birt Project– The BIRT project itself, such as schedules, contributions, etc.
  • FAQ/Limitations – Known limitations of the BIRT 1.0 Release.
  • FAQ/Uncategorized - The BIRT Tech leads have been providing `FAQs topics based on the Newsgroup input. These entries are new and have not been categorized, or formatted

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