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Listed below are previously published article links. These articles range from deploying to extending BIRT and can help to give insight into specific features of BIRT.

Eclipse Magazine - March 2007 - A Primer On ODA Extensions and BIRT by Scott Rosenbaum -
Eclipse Developer's Journal - February 2007 - Developing an Application Using the Eclipse BIRT Report Engine API by Jason Weathersby; Tom Bondur; Jane Tatchell -
Open Source Magazine - February 2007 - Same article as above -
Eclipse Magazine - February 2007 - Getting Expressive with BIRT by Krishna Venkatraman and Jason Weathersby -
Eclipse Magazine - January 2007 - Deploying the BIRT Viewer to JBoss by Jason Weathersby -
Eclipse Magazine - December 2006 - POJO Access Using BIRT by David Trainor and Jason Weathersby -
Java Developers Journal - October 2006 - Java Feature: Developing an Eclipse BIRT Report Item Extension by Jason Weathersby; Iana Chatalbasheva; Tom Bondur -
Eclipse Magazine - September 2006 - BIRT Reporting Interactivity by David Trainor and Jason Weathersby -
Eclipse Magazine - August 2006 - Using BIRT 2.1 for Embedded Reporting by Jason Weathersby -
ONJava - July 26, 2006 - Deploying BIRT by Jason Weathersby -
Eclipse Review Magazine - Spring 2006 - Business Intelligence And Reporting Tools by Jason Weathersby and Krishna Venkatraman -

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