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* Define approach
* Define approach
* Connect to OPEES, OpenETCS
* Connect to OPEES, OpenETCS
* SAFE project: [http://www.safe-project.eu/]
* SAFE project: [http://www.safe-project.eu/] [http://wiki.eclipse.org/images/7/7d/SAFE-Overview.pdf]
* SafeCer Overview: [http://wiki.eclipse.org/images/2/2f/SafeCer_Overview_VIF_v02.pdf]
[[Category:Auto IWG]]
[[Category:Auto IWG]]

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WP4: Functional Safety Relevant Development Process and Environment

This is work package 4 of the Automotive Industry Working Group.

  • WP Lead: ITEMIS (A. Graf)

Functional Safety has an impact on Eclipse based tooling in two dimensions: First, which tools can be used to develop safety-relevant functions. Secondly, what are the implications of standards like ISO26262 on the development of Eclipse-based tooling?

This work package has one initial task: Every company rep to discuss internally who the right people within the organizations are to connect to

  • Identify the stakeholders in the IWG member companies, then (unless otherwise decided)
  • Definition of scope
  • Clarification of requirements
  • Define approach
  • Connect to OPEES, OpenETCS
  • SAFE project: [1] [2]
  • SafeCer Overview: [3]