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Auto IWG Conferences

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A number of conferences that are relevant for issues of the automotive industry working group, where we could attend or speak.


* Open Forum Stuttgart/Esslingen 16./17. Mai : Ignacio Garro invited to speak
* Eclipse Con France 2013: Will submit a talk proposal

Interesting Conferences for automotive software

* Embedded World Nuremberg. Fair and conference. Conference talks on Eclipse in Automotive (please add any others that you know of):
** Model-based Automotive Software Development using Autosar, UML, and Domain- Specific Languages

* Eclipse Con USA: No or little participation by group
* Baden-Baden Spezial, October: http://www.vdi-wissensforum.de/index.php?id=147&tx_vdiep_pi1[event_nr]=01TA104012
* http://www.vda-qmc.de/software-prozesse/vda-automotive-sys/ (Interesting for WP4 and WP5)
* Tool Qualification Workshop: http://www.validas.de/tqs.html ( interesting for WP5 )