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[[Category:Dash Project]]
[[Category:Dash Project]]
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[[Category:Eclipse Technology Project]]
[[Category:Common Builder]]

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Eventually there will be bugs opened for many of these items. For now, see bug 238626. Order of listed items below should not be taken as priority sequence.


End User


  • UI for running, exploring, validating & promoting builds; UI for killing / purging invalid builds
  • automatic build cleanup / expiry
  • configuration to be done in Portal
  • crontab-based solution for scheduling builds
  • Cruise Control to allow build queuing, scheduling, and cvs repo watching (continuous builds)
  • support for java-only, simple project builds (not products)
  • support for building on Linux only (no Win or Mac shared libraries)
  • builds must be reproduceable (cvs tagging)
  • one build per project or component
  • mechanism for producing signed, packed, and digested update sites w/ p2 metadata

Cross-Project Integration

  • mechanism for optionally contributing update site feature(s) to a coordinated release site, a la Ganymede


  • support feeding dependencies to build from update site instead of from zips
  • support getting latest dependencies from RSS feeds
  • support building & testing against multiple versions of target platform
  • provide source builds to facilitate the build-from-source scenario (eg., Linux distros)
  • automatic cleanup of downloaded/cached dependencies
  • support Buckminster
  • support SVN
  • support Maven-based dependencies
  • convert bash scripts that “do work” to Ant scripts w/ custom tasks; submitting these back to PDE build or releng.basebuilder for reuse
  • convert bash scripts that “do calculations” to PHP-based web apis, so they can be called by web, shell, ant, or java


  • Metagen Wizards for creating plugin, feature, and .releng projects (GSoC 2008 project, incubating)
  • cvs -d -Q co -d org.eclipse.metagen org.eclipse.soc/athena
  • Dash Common Build (beta, in progress, v4, 2009?)
  • cvs -d -Q co -d org.eclipse.dash.commonbuilder org.eclipse.dash/athena/org.eclipse.dash.commonbuilder
  • Modeling Common Build (stable release, v3, 2008)
  • cvs -d -Q co -d org.eclipse.modeling.common.releng releng-common
  • EMFT Common Build (stable release, v2, 2007)
  • deprecated by Modeling Common Build
  • EMF Build (stable release, v1, 2006)
  • cvs -d -Q co -d org.eclipse.emf.releng org.eclipse.emf/org.eclipse.emf.releng


We're always looking for people to contribute. You can drop us a line at

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