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[[JDT weaving implementation]]
[[JDT weaving implementation]]
[[Developer's FAQ for AJDT]]

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See below for any current known issues and other information regarding AspectJ and the AspectJ Development Tools. For more information on these projects please visit the AspectJ Homepage and the AJDT Homepage

As of version 1.6.2, AJDT uses Equinox Aspects to provide deeper integration with Eclipse, which is a major change to the architecture. See the JDT weaving features page for information on the new features this release provides. See the JDT weaving implementation page for information on how JDT weaving was implemented and how to use it to provide plugins for other languages with deep Eclipse integration.

AspectJ Information

AspectJ Incremental Compilation

New in AJDT 1.6.2:

JDT weaving features

JDT weaving implementation

Developer's FAQ for AJDT

Developer's guide to driving the AJDT build process

Developer's guide to upgrading the AJDT build to a newer version of Eclipse

Developer's guide to building tools on top of AJDT and AspectJ

Developer's guide to integrating a build of AspectJ into AJDT

Developer's guide to adding new plugins to the AJDT release

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