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Subject: Dormant on the Eclipse Architecture Council ?


As we’ve just added a couple new members to the Eclipse Architecture Council, we’ve taken the opportunity to walk through our member list and do some cleanups.

I’ve noticed that we haven’t heard from you recently, so I’ve moved you into the “Dormant Status” for now [1].

The goal here is to have projects interested in getting mentorship know who’s actually “plugged in” and willing to take mentorships; plus, making sure that in case we’re holding a vote (for a new member) where we need 50% quorum, new members aren’t held back due to inactive non-voters.

So from that point of view, following the mailing list and taking part in AC votes is my only real criterion for moving you back to active again. I’d appreciate if you are still interested. Just let me know, and I’ll move you back into normal state.


Thanks, NNN