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Architecture Council/Templates/Dormant

Hello NNN,

You are a member of the Eclipse Architecture Council, but we haven't seen any relevant activity of yours in the past 3 months.

In order to keep the AC working and vibrant, we need to know which members are actually willing to participate in the council's work. We have therefore defined a dormant status [1] as an administrative measure for tracking activity.

You are about to become dormant, which means that we're not going to wait for your vote in case of elections, and we're not going to personally invite you for any events. You can exit dormant status at any time just by sending an E-Mail to the mailing list, and editing the Members Wiki Page [2] moving yourself up to active.

You are representing the NNN PMC, and we consider it important to have representatives of all PMC's active on the Architecture Council. We'd therefore appreciate if you'd get active again, or consider nominating a different representative of your PMC as an AC member.
As a Strategic Member representative for NNN, it is of course up to you whether you'll simply want to remain dormant, or perhaps nominate a different person to represent your company at the AC.

Please let me know if you have any questions. The AC work has been very interesting in the past 3 months, and we do need committed, bright people with a broad understanding and background to bring the Eclipse Platform forward. Investing in the Eclipse Architecture at-large is something that we'll all benefit from, and we all learn a lot from the cross-project work.

We'd appreciate your activity.


Thanks, NNN

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