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Architecture Council/New and Noteworthy

An excellent way to communicate about your project milestones and releases is via a "New & Noteworthy" document. Such a document allows a new user or someone upgrading from a previous release a snapshot of all the cool and interesting changes in the current release of your project. Don't underestimate how difficult it can be for project outsiders to find for themselves all the cool new things you did in a given milestone or year. The following are some guidelines or best practices on how to write a new and noteworthy document.


  • Simple HTML is the more versatile format. With plain HTML you can put the document up on your web site, zip it up and send it to others, and include it as content in your project's help system (see the What's new section in the Workbench User Guide for example).
  • Provide anchors for every item so that bloggers and other readers can pass along a link to their favorite new feature to their friends.
  • Provide at least one "printer-friendly" page with all content on a single page
  • If you have a lot of content, also provide a multi-page version where there is a different page for each component/sub-project/whatever in your project.


  • Organize items in logical groups so there is some flow for a reader who sits down to read the whole document