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** [[Architecture Council/Ask the AC]] ideas for questions to discuss
** [[Architecture Council/Ask the AC]] ideas for questions to discuss
* [[Architecture Council/F2F EclipseCon 2009]] - sign up and add to the agenda
* [[Architecture Council/F2F EclipseCon 2009]] - sign up and add to the agenda
* {{bug|256448}} API Tooling for extensions / How to treat propertyTester properties in ISV docs (best practice searched)
* {{bug|167144}} "eclipse.common" bundle -- Bundle / Project granularity?
* {{bug|167144}} "eclipse.common" bundle -- Bundle / Project granularity?
* {{bug|253889}} JIRA vs bugzilla - just close it?
* {{bug|253889}} JIRA vs bugzilla - just close it?

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Meeting Title: Architecture Council Monthly Meeting
Date & Time: Thursday December 11, 2008 at 1600 UTC / 0800 SFO / 1100 Ottawa / 1600 London / 1700 Berlin
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Dial-in: (+1) 613.287.8000 (Ottawa and international) or
866.362.7064 (toll-free North America)
passcode 464440#


Agenda / Notes

  • Feel free to edit, but not during the call!

Review of Action Items

  • Last meeting Architecture Council/Minutes November 13 2008#Action Items
  • (old) Mik to create initial "architectural walkthrough" material for mylyn -- 1 wiki page not too large, send link to the mailing list
  • (old) Michael to draft an E-Mail about the "plugin granularity" idea, searching for people to lead the effort
  • (old) Michael to flesh out the Patterns idea and remind the EAC
  • (old) Everyone fill in your Bio on the Architecture Council/Members and Mentors page
  • (old) Everyone add to the Architecture Council/Links Collection
  • (old) All PMC's to list mentor-less projects in their domain on the Architecture Council/Members and Mentors#Projects that need mentors page: Wayne for Technology, McQ for Eclipse, Ed for Modeling, Tom for RT; WTP to add ATF to the page
  • (old) Martin to start a Wiki page explaining what's good about having a mentor
  • Wayne to start a Wiki page with proposed bug 252015 "what you should know" snippets as well as a second page for snippet archive
  • Wayne to ask projects in need of a mentor file a bug against the AC
  • Ok green.gif Martin to send private E-Mails to dormant members
  • Ok green.gif Martin to update the AC charter for new member proposals, mentioning phone decision fallback in case of missing +1 majority


News from the EMO & Councils

  • Don: StAC meeting at Eclipse World -- outcome?
  • bug 252015 Here is something you should know, can we start implementing it? who will back it?

Recent Discussions

  • Denis' blog on dead bugzilla's.
    • What are best practices to keep bugzilla alive and users interested, without taking away too much time from committers?
    • Should it be added as advice for mentored projects?
    • Should the AC engage in the public discussion?
  • EclipseCon panel
    • Who wants to participate on the panel, or be a moderator? - Bjorn, zx, Wayne, Mik, Markus, Jeff, Ed
    • Architecture Council/Ask the AC ideas for questions to discuss
  • Architecture Council/F2F EclipseCon 2009 - sign up and add to the agenda
  • bug 256448 API Tooling for extensions / How to treat propertyTester properties in ISV docs (best practice searched)
  • bug 167144 "eclipse.common" bundle -- Bundle / Project granularity?
  • bug 253889 JIRA vs bugzilla - just close it?
  • bug 249371 The new homepage
  • bug 249959 Copyright Header in checked-in generated artifacts
  • bug 249745 Repository Best Practices (Subversive vs Subclipse); Mercurial, Git Bazaar
  • bug 246840 Jobs and ISchedulingRules - discussion concluded - what is CCRC?
  • bug 246945 Interfacing with Libs that are not EPL Compatible (mostly LGPL)

Old items

  • EMO: bug 250317 How to officially communicate Requirements (as per the board, dev process, IP policy...) to the PMCs, Project Leads, Committers?
  • RC - Roadmap Process: RequirementsCouncilThemesAndPriorities - are we happy with it?
  • PC - Richard Gronback: New Galileo Requirements from the Planning Council?
    • Must do: Use only Published API by M6
    • Must do: Provide basic Capability / Activity Definitions by M6
    • Must do: Use Babel by M6

How to start Releng?

Top Ten Recommendations

Relationship to E4


  • Examples: bug 245573 comment 12 (Dali JPA Tools Deadlock, John CC'd to EAC); bug 246840 discussion about ISchedulingRule (saving project preferences)
  • What is causing issues?
    • work performed during class loading (Activator.start()) - unknown context, can run at unpredictable times
    • work performed in callbacks - unknown context, avoid synchronous callbacks
    • General recommendations: (e.g. avoid synchronous callbacks, avoid in Activator.start(), static initializers or Singleton getters) - a general recommendation could be to avoid performing work at unpredictable times, but that would recommend against lazy initialization in general
    • Does anybody have a well-working, consistent model on top of the current infrastructure?
    • Totally new concurrency mechanism as part of E4 ?
      • David Orme mentions DataBinding Realms and the Threads Considered Harmful blog which references Erlang message-based concurrence
      • Would it help to become more asynchronous under the hood, even if old APIs need to remain for compatibility?
      • Are there any other good known models for concurrency?
    • Better Javadoc ?
      • Example: ISchedulingRule.isConflicting() vs. ISchedulingRule.contains(), and how does it relate to RuleFactory and MultiRule?
    • Articles ? - John referenced the resource-deltas article

Mentoring New Projects

  • We need more Architecture Council members to step up and become project mentors
    • New projects require two mentors (a Good Thing™)
  • How do new projects find/attract a mentor?
    • Mailing list, bugzilla?
    • "Work the crowd"
  • Experiences?
    • What could be improved?
    • Webpage improvements: more pre-canned content for new projects (like Sourceforge)?

Other Ideas for Discussion

  • Mentoring Galileo: What could be improved?
    • Running each project's unittests with full Galileo installed; especially interesting for Performance tests
    • Don't duplicate work done by the Planning Council
    • Integrated bug reporting: Mylyn is providing a bug/error/enhancement reporting facility that will provide a flexible and product-configurable mapping between features, bundles and bug trackers bug 212209 (Example: ). Do we want this for Galileo?
  • E4 now has bi-weekly calls -- won't discuss E4 on the EAC unless asked / invited
  • Eclipse Pain Points

Action Items

Next Meeting

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