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| Neil Hauge || Oracle || [ WTP] [ JPT] || [ EPS]
| Neil Hauge || Oracle || [ WTP] [ JPT] || [ EPS]
| Oisin Hurley || IONA Technologies ||  ||
| Oisin Hurley || IONA Technologies || [ STP] || [ Spaces], ||
| Mik Kersten || Tasktop Technologies || [ Mylyn], [ AspectJ], [ AJDT] ||
| Mik Kersten || Tasktop Technologies || [ Mylyn], [ AspectJ], [ AJDT] ||

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This page lists those members of the Architecture Council and their current Mentoring assignments. New projects needing a Mentor can check this page to see the availability of AC members. To get in touch with an AC member, please contact

Name Affiliation Project(s) Currently Mentoring
John Arthorne IBM Eclipse (Platform, Equinox)
Wayne Beaton Eclipse Foundation EclipseLink SOC
Boris Bokowski IBM Eclipse Platform (ECF)
Brian Carroll Serena Software, Inc. Application Lifecycle Framework (ALF)
Adrian Colyer Interface21 AspectJ, AJDT
Naci Dai eteration a.s. WTP STP
Stefan Daume Scapa Technologies Limited
Tim deBoer IBM WTP
John Duimovich IBM
Don Ebright Compuware
Chris Elford Intel Corporation
Bjorn Freeman-Benson Eclipse Foundation
Doug Gaff WindRiver DSDP DSDP-VPP (proposal), DSDP-NAB (incubation), DSDP-TmL (incubation), DSDP-MTJ (incubation), DSDP-DD (incubation)
John Graham Sybase Babel
Richard Gronback Borland Software Corp. Modeling (GMF) OSEE, Babel
Kevin Haaland IBM
Neil Hauge Oracle WTP JPT EPS
Oisin Hurley IONA Technologies STP Spaces,
Mik Kersten Tasktop Technologies Mylyn, AspectJ, AJDT
Jochen Krause Innoopract
Yossi Leon Zend Technologies
Wenfeng Li Actuate Corporation
Jeff McAffer IBM Equinox Platform PDE Orbit Tools Maya
Ed Merks IBM
Mike Milinkovich Eclipse Foundation
Philipe Mulet IBM
Ingo Muschenetz
Kai Nyman Nokia
Martin Oberhuber WindRiver DSDP TM
Andrew Overholt Red Hat, Inc. Eclipse on Linux Distros Equinox
Valentina Popescu IBM
Mary Ruddy SocialPhysics Higgins
Doug Schaefer QNX Software Systems Co. CDT Tools Hibachi (Ada)
Michael Scharf WindRiver
Harm Sluiman IBM TPTP COSMOS Aperi
Darin Swanson IBM
Mark Vandenbrink Motorola OSEE
John Wiegand IBM
David Williams IBM
Mike Wilson IBM
Darin Wright IBM
Gary Xue Actuate Corporation

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