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Architecture Council/Meetings/March 25 2010 Breakfast

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Revision as of 07:37, 7 April 2010 by (Talk | contribs) (Initial dump of my raw notes)

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  • API tooling
  • new projects need at least _some_ code
  • lots of confusion about modelling projects
  • people are confused in general
  • EDP could be more well-publicized
  • short entry point / portal for EDP
  • licensing of contributions via bugzilla (attachments)
  • Wayne wants help with simplifying EDP
    • lots of projects in violation at the moment
    • new version brings many violating projects into conformance
  • review documentation
  • extend project plan to be useful during development
  • extend plan schema
  • creation review is low-hanging fruit
    • proposal could become creation document
  • navigate between projects via "About this project" siebar
  • Nova template good / too complicated
  • drive new project websites from the portal
  • automate project websites from the portal
  • simple getting started page for projects (steps, etc.)
  • mentors checking back on projects; no response -> archive them
  • bugs for new project checklist
  • OpenGrok
  • Athena - easier, used more
    • tool to make it easy to get started
    • "build fairy"
    • "muffin top of lard"

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