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Architecture Council/Meetings/March 22 F2F EclipseCon 2009

Tentative Agenda for the StAC and AC Face-to-face meetings at EclipseCon 2009


  • Participants
    • Martin Oberhuber, Wind River
    • Darin Swanson, IBM
    • Gunnar Wagenknecht, AGETO
    • Andrew Overholt, Red Hat
    • Boris Bokowski, IBM
    • Bernd Kolb, SAP
  • Tentative
    • Richard Gronback, Borland
    • Markus Knauer, Innoopract/EclipseSource
  • Regrets
    • Oisin Hurley, IONA -- flights booked already, and can't find the $1000 down the back of the couch to change them.

Date, Time and Location

Potential Agenda Items

Open discussion here. Feel free to add anything, prefix with your name. We also collect AC input for the StAC meeting.

  • (Martin) Mentor Experience roundup: Each Mentor to talk 1-5 minutes about how it's been going with their projects
  • (Martin) Improvements Brainstorming: 15 minutes uncommented brainstorming of ideas what could be improved if there were no limitations
    • Incentives: git, lgpl, simplified IP, pre-canned webpages, more collaboration AC--board, ...
  • (Martin, Rich) How can the AC do more Architecture? - Today we're doing Community Escalations mostly, can we do more actual architecture?
  • (Gunnar) DVCS: How can we move on in the current DVCS discussion? Ideally, the AC should find an opinion (conclusion?) and discuss possible steps.
  • (Martin) Mike on the AC: would be good to have more direct communications
  • (Martin) Separation between the Board and the AC. The board has done an Eclipse SWOT analysis, but nobody can see it ?!?
  • (Martin) Release Train Improvements
  • (Martin) Move forward with Architecture Council/Meetings/API Deprecation 20080119 - See also bug 261544
  • More Architecture Council/Open Issues

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