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Architecture Council/Meetings/January 12 2017

Meeting Title: Architecture Council Monthly Meeting
Date & Time: Thursday January 12, 2017 at 1100 Ottawa
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Dial-in: Let's use the Foundation's Asterisk setup for this call:
  • North America (toll free) 1-866-569-4992
  • Germany (local call anywhere in Germany) 49-692-2224-6059
  • France (local call anywhere in France) 33-17-070-8535
  • Switzerland (local call anywhere in Switzerland) +41-44-580-2115
  • Spain, Sweden, others - see Asterisk/Numbers

Participant conference extension: 701 then enter pin: 51968

  • SIP clients can call, then enter pin 51968.


  • In attendance: Carl Andersen (WTP), Mikael Barbero, Wayne Beaton, Marcel Bruch, Jonas Helming, Jim Hughes, Marc-Andre Laperle, Dani Megert, Martin O, Denis Roy, Doug Schaefer, Michael Scharf, Matthias Sohn, Eike Stepper,

#PMC_Rep_Attendees see also below.

Agenda / Notes

General Topics

  • Carl Andersen introduction
    • Been with IBM for a very long time, replacing David Williams
  • Denis: Simrel Build taken on by Frederic Gurr
    • Please support Frederic in this new role
    • Will shift some discussion on build mechanics from cross-project to the cbi-dev mailing list
    • Eclipse Platform build still done by Platform project (Sravan), Fred only does the aggregation
  • Marcel: New AC Members
    • AI Wayne nomination
  • Marcel: Next Iteration of FEEP
    • Mikael: received 6 bids in December, reviewing now, expect to present next week
    • Looking at Budget available, this is a good number, would love to have more but may not be able to fund all of them
  • Marcel/Mikael: Quality of the Eclipse Marketplace Plugins
    • Marcel reaching out to providers with Error Reporting; discussions with Ian
    • Mikael meeting Mike in Ottawa next week, will report on the outcome

Wayne: IP Due Diligence Changes

  • Wayne: New IP Due Diligence Changes
    • Wayne's writing some blogs now; would like to get pushed out by March - Type A or B due diligence
    • Type A just checks for license compatibility; goal is having this done by projects themselves (with help of tools like FOSSology, IP team helping out until tools are ready).
      • Laid some groundwork for integration with IPZilla, eg monitor and drop reports there
      • Hoping to get to full automation by end of the year
      • Looking for incremental improvements as more and more projects adopt it
    • Type B: A plus provenance check
      • Projects start with Type A in incubation - may switch to type B (or not) when graduating
      • Projects can mix, eg multiple type A releases followed by a yearly type B release
      • Picked a couple of projects already doing type A, rolling out en-large this quarter
    • Release process is a separate, related topic.

Doug: Eclipse Two

  • Doug: Eclipse Two
    • See experimenting with Electron
    • Busy with project stuff until March, exposing to the Community now and see where it goes
    • Looking at an IDE on Electron to go beyond VS Code which is just an editor
    • Trying to get hold of some trends in the industry before others do it (especially in the Eclipse and Embedded communities)
      • Lightweight, not coupled to IResource; advanced visualizations and tools like TraceCompass, Android, Modeling...
      • Qt has its own IDE, Adacore has its own, Andmore is dead ... time to try something new, but will only work if Community forms around it
    • Relationship to the ide-dev and ui guideline stuff ?
      • Those are still classic Eclipse - same people, not really growing, thus tried something new ... all depends on where Community takes it
      • MichaelS: As Eclipse insiders, we tend to question too much ... many users are still just happy getting work done with Eclipse.
      • "Heavy" plugins inside Eclipse duplicate much. Using the VS Code architecture, the IDE becomes more replaceable for mix-and-match of components from various sources...
      • Doug: Working on integrating live language server in CDT, likely based on libclang
      • Michael: Could there be a universal data model for languages including type hierarchy ?
      • Doug: LSP is an extensible protocol. It's going to grow into this.
      • CONCLUSION: Would work towards a virtual meet-up, but Doug has no time until March; until then, everything is on Github, feel free to join in

PMC Rep Attendees

All AC Members are invited.

  • PMC Reps please confirm attendance or list your delegate below. Every PMC is required to name a primary and backup delegate, and to ensure that one delegate attends the meeting.
BIRT: Gary Xue
DTP: Brian Payton Linda Chan
Eclipse: Dani Megert Mike Wilson
Modeling: Ed Merks Eike Stepper
Mylyn: Steffen Pingel Mik Kersten
RT: Christian Campo Tom Watson
SOA: Adrian Mos Marc Dutoo
Technology: Gunnar Wagenknecht Wayne Beaton
Tools: Doug Schaefer Alex Kurtakov
WTP: Carl Andersen Neil Hauge
LocationTech: Jim Hughes
IoT: Julien Vermillard

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