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* [[Architecture Council/Templates]] for E-Mail communications
* [[Architecture Council/Templates]] for E-Mail communications
* [[Architecture Council/Dormant Status]] charter
* [[Architecture Council/Dormant Status]] charter
* [[Architecture Council/Archive]] of previous meeting minutes
[[Category:Architecture Council]]
[[Category:Architecture Council]]

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  • From the Eclipse Bylaws section 7.2: "responsible for the development, articulation, and maintenance of the Eclipse Platform Architecture" (as defined in the then current Eclipse Development Process).
  • From the Development Process: "... and ensuring the Principles of the Development Process through mentorship."

The EAC is responsible for the long-term technical health of the Eclipse platforms and frameworks. It involves itself in inter- and intra-project architecture and open source process through discussion during its meetings, mentoring and consultation. The AC is involved in both technical and process aspects because the social and process structure of a project has been shown to have a direct impact on the technical quality of its extensible frameworks and exemplary tools. See also Darin Swanson's Blog about the EAC. This role for the Architecture Council represents a new (revitalized?) role for the Architecture Council and thus there is not a lot of history to build on. The Council will be as effective and useful as we make it. Here is a recent presentation (PDF, 120K) about what the AC is and what it does in practice.


Getting Involved

  • File a bug for discussion on the EAC. We welcome your input! - See this E-Mail, which was sent to the eclipse.org-committers list in September 2008.

Open Issues

Discussions and Recommendations

Call Schedule

Resources (from the "old" EAC for now)